Where is the Holy Church in times of apostasy?

In today’s world of total deviation, not only from God but also from common sense, the laws of nature and simply thinking, there are a handful of people who nevertheless ask themselves:

Where is the true Church of Christ?

I don’t mean the people who fly from one preacher to another, or from one apparition to another, not to mention hundreds of „prophets”. They are driven by Satan’s curiosity and desire for wonder, miracles and experiences. But like Herod, they are ready to mock and scorn the truth they see or hear. To Herod the debauched woman said, I want the head of John the Baptist, and he blinded by his lusts gives her what she wants by murdering him. In the same way they, when the world demands it, yield to it. They can only be saved by a miracle of conversion given to them by God. There is the possibility of the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but they would first have to stop offending her and see that this Humble, Silent Mother of God is not some phantom from Medjugorie who keeps on giving them phantasms and thanking them. For what, no one wonders. And yet, no one has ever heard of Heaven thanking anyone. Unfortunately, people have grown so big in their perverse thinking that it seems natural to them to not only thank them, but to ask them.

Where is the true church of Christ?

Such a question should not even cross the mind of a believer, but it turns out that in times of total apostasy the answer is crucial for the few worried about their salvation. A simple answer: there is the Church where the true faith is, where the Gospel and Tradition are, is a breakneck challenge for today’s believer. Why can’t we accept these few words that explain everything? And this is no novelty, but pure teaching of the Church – if only in the words of the Doctor of the Church, St. Jerome:

„The Church is where the true faith is”.

The true faith – not the errors, falsities and heresies uttered by priests. After all, the Church founded by Christ cannot teach error but only the Truth.

Didn’t our Lord Jesus Christ say YES-YES, NO-NO, and everything in between comes from the devil?

So we know what to do. We have the path shown by the Passion of Christ and the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and what is the problem? With the Truth, with the distinction between what is good and what is evil. Or to be more precise, with the clash of our human desires with the Revealed Truth.

This seemingly shallow problem is rooted very deeply in our souls. Contrary to the opinions of various representatives – generally they can be called a pseudo-tradition – it is not a result of the Second Vatican Council. Already in 1917, long before the Council, Our Lady called for conversion and for an end to offending God, because, as she said: He has already been offended enough. These words, as well as the meaning of the entire Fatima apparition, contradict the idea that it all started with the Council. It did not. It was only then that a pact with the devil was formally signed and the Third Temple was destroyed in the following years. Now we stand on the ruins of what was the Glorification of God and became the teaching and synagogue of Satan. Hell is the opposite of Heaven, and so the once beautiful Temples have become a picture of ruin and ugliness. Life has been replaced by death.

For centuries, perhaps imperceptibly at first, an error has been tearing into human consciousness – the identification of faith in God with church buildings and administration. In itself, on the surface, this seems harmless, but now it is very misleading. After all, it is known that the Church needs temples and priests, so it is normal to look at it that way. However, what has been slowly forgotten is what is most important – what the true Church is. Where must it be placed first? In our souls – on the rock of our faith. It was forgotten and identified only with that which is an outward sign of faith, and therefore not the most important. That’s why everything fell apart so quickly after the Council. There was no faith – only appearances and a shallow faith for show. It was very easy for people to reject God’s Commandments in favor of the heretical teachings of fallen priests who turned the Mass – the Sacrifice offered to God – into a theater of one actor, or two or more. Theater is too much to say – rather a miserable performance of clowns intoxicated with Masonic slogans: freedom, equality and brotherhood. We know what this means in practice – tyranny, tolerance of evil and genocide. These slogans led to the genocide of the Vendée during the French Revolution, then to the gulags and millions of victims of communism, and now the globalists, under these slogans, are carrying out a holocaust of people and calling it depopulation. The scariest thing about this is that previously the revolutions were murdering but also hiding the real goals and the lamentable consequences. Now they are saying openly that depopulation and therefore the murder of the human population is their goal and, the people massively support this.

Why don’t they see anything? Because they have rejected God, and that means they do not have the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit they cannot see what is true and what is false. They are just sheep that go to the slaughter without resistance. Millions are being killed while still in their mothers’ wombs; hundreds of thousands, perhaps already millions, are dying as a result of blockade and abandonment of treatment of the sick, or the use of „treatment” that kills. And the deaths from a false pandemic are only a fraction of a percent .

One factor was missing, but the most important one – responsible faith.

Everyone himself is responsible for his sins and for his salvation. Not his pastor or the Pope. You cannot justify yourself before God by saying that they told you to do so. You have a duty to know the commandments and Catholic teaching and to follow them. Now no one is hiding what they are doing. They openly support perversion, abortion, they insult God by equating Him with some Pachamama or Allach. What do you say to God? Haven’t I seen and heard? You know it’s a lie. You didn’t want to see and hear. Do you admit that you’d rather listen to the deviants because it’s easier? Because it is more convenient to deceive yourself? Remember what our Lord Jesus Christ said, „The world will hate you. And you walk hand in hand with the world in rejecting the Gospel.

Responsible faith is the only answer to apostasy.

Lock yourself in your chamber and pray hot…or cold. And God will hear you if you reject the lies the world feeds you. Build the Church in your soul by strengthening your faith and knowledge. Don’t look in the swamp of today’s modernistic church for misfires that create the appearance of light and truth but lead you astray. Rely on the Gospel and Tradition, and God will show you the way through the quagmires of sin.

Not any priest or pope who you make into a guru is your savior, but Jesus Christ.

„God is a spirit, and those who worship him should worship him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:23)


The temples are falling into disrepair, the priests are also men marked by a tendency to sin, like all of us. If you understand this, you will also see that you alone are accountable to God.

Although they had better hang a stone around their necks for deceiving the little ones, as our Lord said, but it will not save you that you listened to them. Every war criminal said he followed orders. Did that save any of them? And they stood before human courts, and we will stand before God’s court, where in addition not only your deeds but also your thoughts are known.

The man who plays Russian roulette has a better chance of survival, because there is some probability that he will hit an empty chamber without a bullet.

If you listen to this modernistic church of today, you have a full drum of bullets. No matter how you spin it pulling the trigger means death. And it’s eternal.

Each bullet is one broken commandment or counterfeit of the Gospel. There is no room for empty excuses.

Responsible faith will build in your soul the Church you seek…only it and you alone must do it. No one will do it for you. Remember the world is, has been and will be our enemy.

Arkadiusz Niewolski

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